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  • "I had worn orthotics on both feet for the last 22 years. Due to a tear in the tendon on my left foot, I had been wearing an orthotic ankle brace for the last 5 years as well. My legs, back, neck and shoulders had always been in pain. Dr. Hennig’s magic touch was amazing. Within 2 months of seeing him on a weekly basis I was no longer wearing any orthotics and was able to wear regular shoes. Because of him I grow stronger every day."
    RM Garcia San Bruno, CA
  • "Before I began treatment with Dr. Hennig I wasn’t able to drive a car or write and I was exhausted just trying to take a shower. Now I am driving comfortably and even writing letters. Best of all I am able to exercise daily. My energy level has increased greatly so that I am able to participate in life beyond my minimal basic needs. The treatment I have received has been so impressive that many family members have seen Dr. Hennig as well."
    M. Cornelius Saratoga, CA
  • "For 6 years after a serious car accident in 1993, I was in chronic pain. I was prescribed many drugs, underwent every possible test, medical neurologists and pain clinics: even had a high risk neck surgery done -- all to no avail.
    I felt I was losing my life. A friend recommended Dr. Hennig. Almost immediately after treatment began, I was able to keep food down. As time went on, my chronic pain was relieved. I feel I have completely recovered."
    J.Artley Menlo Park, CA
  • "I visited my MD thinking I had broken my spinal fusion. At the ER I was given morphine and sent home with the strongest oral medication available. I was totally unable to walk, pain so severe all I could was lay down and take pain meds. Thought of surgery was real. Saw Dr. Hennig several times the first week with remarkable improvement on the first visit. In the next two weeks he returned my back to its normal level. He has magic hands!!! Trust him and he will heal you."
    N. Callahan, RN. ND, CCHT Pacifica, CA
  • "Dr. Hennig is more than a knowledgeable and qualified practitioner; he is a healer in the best sense of the word. He doesn't just treat symptoms; he looks at the patient as a whole.
    Dr. Hennig provides healing, help, and hope. He showed me how to manage pain while we worked toward solving chronic problems and gave me exercises to strengthen, build and stabilize a stronger structure. He did more for me in three months than a half-dozen other doctors had done in four years!"
    W. Brown Mt. View, CA

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